Pagan Online – Wargaming ventures into action RPG genre with new PC title

Wargaming has been trying hard over the years to branch out of its core war games, such as World of Tanks and World of Warships, but it has hardly found any success in doing so. Pagan Online represents yet another shot at correcting this, with Serbian studio Mad Head Games leading the charge. Better known for making hidden object adventure games, Pagan Online is the first action RPG title by Mad Head Games. An online action RPG, Wargaming views Pagan Online as a long-term live-service title, similar to Path of Exile.

However, Pagan Online will not be Free-to-Play, but instead utilize a Buy-to-Play model. This is certainly odd, as Wargaming is a leader in Free-to-Play online games, and its last paid game effort in the form of Master of Orion did not exactly set any charts on fire. Pagan Online will certainly have online co-op features and tons of loot in a dungeon-crawl setting. The team is adding MOBA elements into the game as well, though without the base, towers and fixed creep spawns. There is also a focus on shorter game time with the level design.

While not mentioned, it does seem that the character in Pagan Online are pre-made heroes, similar to League of Legends. Do note that this is just my personal observation based on the trailer and artwork. Despite being a newcomer to RPG development, Wargaming claims it has inspected over 100 games before finalizing on Mad head Games’ Pagan Online. Currently made for the PC system, there is no launch schedule confirmed.