World of Warships – Celebrate the Transformers collaboration with $50 item code for new players

[Play free now] Starting today, iconic Transformers characters will roll out in World of Warships as part of an exclusive time-limited collaboration between Wargaming and Hasbro. Players can align with the heroic Autobots – Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, or their eternal foes the Decepticons – Megatron and Rumble – by customizing their ships with unique Transformers-inspired ship skins, commanders voicing favorite phrases, and much more based on the classic IP. The collaboration will be available through October 5, 2020.

To celebrate the 5th year anniversary of World of Warships (PC), developer Wargaming is providing a limited time global invite code for new players to access $50 dollars worth of additional content upon registrations.


How to redeem:

Includes the following:

– T5 Researchable ship American Cruiser Omaha
– 555 Doubloons
– 5,555,555 Million credits
– 55 camouflages World of Warships Anniversary
– 15 Days Premium Account
– 5 of each signal flag

Valid from: 2nd September 07:00 UTC until 2nd October 06:59 UTC

For fans of the Autobots, World of Warships is offering two permanent camouflages: Freedom Fighter, based on Optimus Prime — the courageous and powerful leader of the Autobots; and Gold Bug, based on Bumblebee, one of the youngest members of the Autobot team who is completely devoted to his leader’s mission to secure freedom for all sentient beings. Representing the Decepticons, players will find two additional permanent camouflages: Messenger of Oblivion, based on their leader, Megatron; and Crush’n’destroy, based on Rumble, who loves nothing more than causing unhinged chaos and destruction.

Along with the permanent camouflages, World of Warships is also introducing two expendable camouflages – Autobots Ark and Decepticon Disguise – as well as flags and patches. Players can also explore Cybertronian Containers where they will have the chance to get distinctive themed permanent and expendable camouflages, as well as a unique 10-skill point Transformers Commanders with a special voice over and signals. Play free now!