Crown Four Kingdoms – Global pre-registration goes live for new mobile MMORPG from X-Legend

Known as Astral Crown in Taiwan, Crown Four Kingdoms is the latest mobile MMORPG announced by Taiwanese developer X-Legend Entertainment. We first covered the game back in June 2017 when it was primed for Closed Beta testing domestically. Astral Crown talks about 4 kingdoms formed after years of war fighting over holy items. Each kingdom has a powerful holy item, and players must choose to start in one of the colored kingdoms.

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The holy items include the red Sword of Victory, blue Soul Grail, green Crown of Life, and yellow Staff of Truth. Rumors have been floating about the Demon clan reviving, which was defeated long ago by the power of these holy items… There are 4 basic classes at the start (Warrior, Assassin, Ranger, Archmage), and each of them will later unlock an advanced class (Paladin, Brawler, Hunter, Priest) when the various different requirements are met.

Players are free to switch between the original class and advanced class during battle to make use of unique skill combinations. X-Legend is boasting features including territorial control, 100-player PVP war, and the Senshi pet system. Of course, staples such as a selection of costumes, a political system, and more. Remember to pre-register right now!