Astral Crown – New X-Legend mobile game enters Closed Beta in Taiwan

Taiwanese developer X-Legend Entertainment has found immense success for its PC online games such as Aura Kingdom, none of its mobile games have yet to take the world by storm. The studio will be hoping to change its luck with Astral Crown, which entered Closed Beta in Taiwan today. Astral Crown is a mobile MMORPG based on Astral Realm, a PC MMORPG which is also known as Twin Saga in the West published by Aeria Games.

Astral Crown talks about 4 kingdoms formed after years of war fighting over holy items. Each has a holy item, and players must choose to start in one of the kingdoms. The holy items include the red Victory Sword, blue Soul Grail, green Crown of Life, and yellow Staff of Truth. Rumors have been floating about the Demon clan reviving, which was defeated long ago… And that is where players come in, pledging loyalty to 1 of the kingdoms.

There are 4 basic classes at the start (Swordsman, Assassin, Ranger, Mage), and each of them will later unlock an advanced class (Paladin, Brawler, Hunter, Sage) when the requirements are met. Players are free to switch between the original class and advanced class during battle to make use of unique skill combinations. X-Legend is also boasting features such as territorial control, 100-player PVP war, and the Senshi pet system.