Breach – Pre-order packs for co-op action RPG now available for purchase

[Game website] Initially announced as a Nexon title, it seems new developer QC Games has cut its ties with the giant and decided to self-publish its first PC game, Breach. If you id not know, Breach is a co-op action RPG where players are encouraged to build up their ideal hero and battle monsters on a Modern Earth that has collided with a parallel Mythological Earth. They can either play as a team of various classes, or choose to side with evil as the main antagonist, the Veil Demon, which can summon elite mobs and more.

The format does sound familiar, since it is somewhat similar to Evolve and Dead by Daylight, although there is a heavy focus on character customization based on “dozens” of classes, which players can also switch between at any time. From the explosive Gunslinger that mixes magic with technology, to the time-bending abilities of the Chronomancer, all the way to the aerial juggling combos of the Auros Gladiator, there’s a play style for every  gamer in Breach. Ah yes, the pre-order packs can now be purchased for bonus goodies!

If you are looking for credentials, Breach is the three-year game development project led by President/CEO Dallas Dickinson and Game Director/CCO Gabe Amatangelo, former BioWare team members who worked on major titles such as, Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Dragon Age series, and the highly-praised, unfinished Shadow Realms (which is the main source of inspiration for Breach). The game will launch in 2019 as a Free-to-Play title.