TERA – Limited number of starter item codes for official SEA launch

[Game website] If you did not already know, the Southeast Asia server of TERA recently launched, published with Playwith SEA. The content available is very updated, and you can read more about the finer details in this interview article. To celebrate the opening of TERA SEA, here are a few giveaway codes provided by Playwith SEA, which will definitely give new players a huge boost when starting out. The Elin Brwaler class was also just teased!

Please claim the code below using a PC web browser, NOT on mobile devices.

[keys id=54436]
What items are in the code

● Flying Skill: Blue Phoenix 30 days x 1
● Inventory Expansion 8 Slot x 1
● Federation Bill x 2,000

How to redeem

Step 1: Head to this link and log into your account.

Step 2: If you are in-game, log out of game and re-login to get the items mail to you.