Breach – Co-op online RPG entering Steam Early Access in January 2019

[Steam page] Based in Austin, Texas, QC Games today announced that its first game project, Breach, will be entering Steam Early Access in January 2019. Combining intense third-person gameplay action, RPG game features, and phenomenal visuals, players will be able to create their ideal hero (or Veil Demon) through the open class system in Breach. Players can choose to go solo or join up with others and take on creatures from ancient myths and folklore on a Modern Earth that has collided with a parallel Mythological Earth.

Breach will then enter its official Free-to-Play launch later in 2019. Alpja Test periods are now ongoing to improve the game before Steam Early Access begins. Interested gamers can now purchase various pre-order packs for Steam Early Access and other digital bonuses. With over 20 classes to choose from in Breach (classes can be switch in-game), two have been introduced thus far: Auros Gladiator and Gunslinger, with more to come.

If you are looking for credentials, Breach is a currently three-year game development project led by President/CEO Dallas Dickinson and Game Director/CCO Gabe Amatangelo, former BioWare team members who worked on huge major game titles such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Dragon Age series, and the highly-praised, unfinished Shadow Realms (which is the main source of inspiration for Breach). Stay tuned for more updates!