Perfect World Mobile – Full CG trailer for mobile MMORPG revealed at ChinaJoy 2018

The reveal of Perfect World Mobile back in April was accompanied by a short CG trailer, and during ChinaJoy 2018 an extended version was released, as seen below. Developed by Perfect World and to be published by Tencent Games in China, it seems all major mobile titles based on popular IP are now under the Tencent platform, including Dragon Nest and Ragnarok Online. Perfect World Mobile is now touted as a “next generation 3D aerial combat mobile game” on the official website, although we have yet to see actual footage.

Some of the features found in the PC MMORPG version of Perfect World Online can be found in the mobile version, such as a huge variety of costumes and character customization. 4 playable characters have been revealed thus far, including Human Wizard, Untamed Barbarian, Male Winged Elves Archer, and Female Winged Elves Cleric. There are bound to be more races and classes added before the launch, which is not confirmed. Stay tuned!