Fallout Shelter Online – Brief look at the basic features of China-exclusive mobile game

Fallout Shelter Online was first announced for China back in November 2017, and recently readers spotted photos of the game banners being shared by attendees of ChinaJoy 2018. An officially licensed game from Bethesda Softworks by Shanda Games, Fallout Shelter Online is really just a modified version of the original Fallout Shelter. The game recently held a limited test with just 1500 users, and here are some of the differences spotted.

Update: We have played the game! Here is our beta preview – https://bit.ly/2u3jRDO

1. Players still build different rooms and place different dwellers in them.

2. Energy here is used to upgrade rooms; food is used to upgrade dwellers; water is used to upgrade dwellers’ skills

3. New dwellers are not obtained through breeding. They are obtained through character cards, each with different rarity. Random cash roll alert! We are guessing that some of the dweller shards can also be obtained from events and boss drops.

4. Each dweller has 3 equipment slots (similar to any RPG), 3 tool slots (items used to improve output such as energy, water, even efficiency of medical room etc), and 1 accessory slot (similar to equipment).

5. Players have to spend tons of resources to upgrade the dwellers and their attached items to become stronger.

6. There is a world map with several instances to choose from for PVE combat. Basically, you form a team of 5 dwellers and head to battle.

7. Combat is really similar to games such as Seven Knights and Dot Arena, where normal attacks are automated while players can activate skills when the bars are charged.

Since Fallout Shelter Online has yet to officially launch in China, we do not know the exact in-app purchase options and how pay-to-win it will be. The game looks like a perfect blend of city-building simulation and common card-based mobile RPG, which means dollar signs are all over the place if developer Shanda Games goes full throttle. Stay tuned for more updates!