Fallout Shelter Online – Chinese developer reveals online version of popular mobile game

After shutting down development of Borderlands Online, China developer and publisher Shanda Games recently announced it has obtained the rights to work on another Western IP. This time, Shanda Games will be developing Fallout Shelter Online, a mobile online game based on the single-player title Fallout Shelter from Bethesda Softworks. Fallout Shelter Online will launch first for China gamers, with other regions’ status unknown.

According to reports, while maintaining the original features of Fallout Shelter, this online version will including instanced dungeons, characters collection, PVP modes, and even Guild vs Guild content. To summarize, the gameplay of Fallout Shelter Online will be much deeper and complete, although the overall design will be somewhat “cuter”. Shanda Games did not reveal any screenshots nor share a launch schedule, so stay tuned for more updates!