TERA M – New class Elin Ninja jumps into Korean server today

Earlier today, Netmarble added a new playable class into TERA M, the adorable Elin Ninja. The survival of a fallen empire and trained from young as an assassin, she and her fellow army of Ninjas will stop at nothing to seek revenge for her fallen family and comrades. Almost similar to her PC counterpart, the Ninja is skilled at controlling her enemies from a distance. Although she is capable of melee battles, she is much weaker at closer range.

The ideal way of combat for Ninja is to be always on the move and continuously dealing damage from a range. As described, she is not a class suitable for new players, but rather for veterans who can judge the battle situation and move around accordingly to maximize her damage output. Based on the popular PC game developed by Bluehole, Netmarble is set to launch TERA M globally although there is currently no confirmed schedule revealed.