God Slayer – Big budget CryEngine 3 Chinese MMORPG closing this July

First announced by developer and publisher ChangYou back in 2012, God Slayer was a huge PC MMORPG project powered by CryEngine 3. Due to several changes over the years, God Slayer only entered Closed Beta in 2015. After several test phases, the game finally launched in late 2017. However, less than a year on, ChangYou announced that it is shutting the game down on 30 July due to changes to its strategic business development.

Despite a heavy marketing campaign where the country’s hottest rising actress (迪丽热巴) became God Slayer’s spokesperson both online and offline, it seems that traditional PC online games are no longer guaranteed success in the world’s biggest gaming market. Most China game companies are feeling the heat from Tencent, 1 of only 2 local companies which can easily publish the hottest global games out there (cue PUBG and Fornite).