God Slayer – Quick look at new action CryEngine MMORPG from China

China developer and publisher ChangYou may not be as big in scale as Tencent or NetEase, but it has churned out some quality games over the past few years for its domestic market. Powered by CryEngine, God Slayer was announced back in 2012, underwent several changes and beta tests, before finally launching last week. Without a doubt, the game looks stunning with a powerful game engine which the team has gotten used to over the years. Based on a classic Chinese fantasy novel, there is much lore and storyline to immerse players within.

As expected for a Chinese MMORPG, there are way too many features and game modes for us to go through, or even hit the required levels with the little time we spent in the game. If you played Revelation Online, think of God Slayer as a massively upgraded version. Other than the polished graphics, the one feature we enjoyed most was the non-target action combat system, which is somewhere in-between Dragon Nest’s and TERA’s. A perfect balance of the 2 games’ combat system is what we would say, neither too fast nor slow.

The other main feature of God Slayer touted by ChangYou is the mythical beasts system. There are current 5 main ones which are powerful raid bosses for players of different levels, and you can actually see us battling the easiest one (a giant tiger) in one of the videos embedded here. The right strategy to take these mythical beasts down are to destroy their different body parts and weaken them, similar to Monster Hunter. There are also lesser mythical beasts, which are the various mounts. There are supposedly flying mounts as well.

Let us talk about characters. Although there isn’t the flying system found in Blade & Soul, God Slayer’s style of fast movement is somewhat based on the principles of parkour. Players will have to jump, dodge, scale walls, use various movement skills, to discover secret areas, reach quest objectives, and more. The skill system is similar to that of Diablo III’s, where players can enhance basic skills through various trees and provide new effects. God Slayer isn’t slated for a release outside of China, but if Revelation Online made it, there is still hope.