Sea of Dawn – Mobile naval game inspired by Uncharted Waters revealed at ChinaJoy 2020

A new mobile naval MMORPG titled Sea of Dawn was announced recently, as the game hosted a small-scale player test and held a pre-ChinaJoy 2020 media conference. What we know so far is that Sea of Dawn is still in development at Changyou’s mobile game studio. However, from what can be seen during the player test, Sea of Dawn’s gameplay and overall design are reminiscences of the classic naval game series, Uncharted Waters.

Set in the 16th century, Sea of Dawn faithfully recreated about 200 real-live historic harbor cities in the game. Players get to visit and help to develop Lisbon, Seville, London, as well as various shipping ports in Middle East and Latin America. Gameplay wise, Sea of Dawn is heavily inspired by Uncharted Waters, though with more modern graphics. The graphical details of the water, from the screenshots captured by beta test participants, looks much better than most mobile games with similar maritime experience. One of the intriguing systems in Sea of Dawn is the ability to raise black flags on ships, converting to pirates and launch attacks on other players in Mediterranean, Caribbean and other high seas.

Another feature the test players talked about is how every nation will dynamically respond to player actions. For instance, if a player keeps helping Spain during battles, other countries like Netherland may become hostile and attack the player when he or she is around their territories. Do note that Sea of Dawn is currently still in development, and things will only improve and more features added. Changyou hasn’t officially announced Sea of Dawn for the global market, but it will most likely launch first in China. Stay tuned!