Icarus M – Pre-registration begins for Unreal Engine 4 mobile MMORPG in South Korea

Following the dispute between Netmarble and Wemade over Icarus M bring made public, it seems both companies have apparently resolved the situation as the pre-registration page went live today in South Korea. Operating under the Wemade Service and Wemade Icarus banner, it seems the company is making an effort to regain a foothold in the gaming industry based on the Icarus IP (even thought the PC version isn’t that popular anywhere).

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Icarus M is a sprawling mobile MMORPG which is set to rival games such as Lineage M, Lineage II: Revolution, and TERA M. 5 playable classes have been confirmed, though there appears to be an exclusive class for the mobile version, Artist. More information about the game and classes will be revealed by Wemade in the near future. It is unknown if Wemade will service Icarus M globally in the near future.


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