Chrono Brigade – New game trailer previews turn-based combat system

Back in 2016, NCsoft Japan opened an internal studio, Lionship Studio, to develop games for the local market. Fast forward to late 2017, Lionship Studio announced its first mobile game, Chrono Brigade. Just recently, Chrono Brigade’s 2nd game trailer was revealed, along with seiyuus including Kenshō Ono, Kana Ueda, Takuya Eguchi, and Kaori Nazuka.

A fantasy turn-based mobile RPG, players form their teams with 4 characters for combat. There is a 4-player multiplayer function as well! From the 2 trailers posted here, it seems that characters “summon” weapons and skills, which seem very weird overall. You would expect them to be holding the weapons, charging forward to attack and then returning to the original spot. There are no news for an overseas launch for Chrono Brigade thus far.