Revelation Online – First Contact update goes live with new server and cross-server features

[Play free now] Global games publisher today announced the arrival of a new server Emolion in its flagship oriental fantasy MMORPG, Revelation Online. As part of the “First Contact” update, cross-server functionality such as Arena and Battlegrounds are now live, which will soon be followed by cross-server auction house and guild tournament features. More information about the “First Contact” update and features are found below.

After the “First Contact” update today, players can expect to rival each other through the cross-server features in the following game modes:


Arenas are an essential part of PvP. Brawl for bragging rights in 3vs3 or last-man-standing arenas and be well rewarded with fame and powerful equipment that will aid you in further cross-server battles.

10v10: Darkwood Vale

To win, players must choose from a series of tasks, monsters to kill, or a combination of the two. The arena zone is divided into two fields, one for each team. Each field has a series of Darkwood Arena Bosses that help out each team in unique ways. Both teams have a base, and each of the two fields has four bosses. Slay the opponents’ bosses to earn points but keep your own bosses safe!

20v20: Iron Precipice Blitz

Iron Precipice Blitz has five resource points scattered throughout the map. Occupy these nodes for as long as possible, earning points for your team in the process. The first team to earn 1,000 resource points wins the battle!

30v30: Machinist’s Gauntlet

To obtain victory as a team in this large-scale battle, a 30-man team must destroy the Dragon Orb located at the top of the enemy’s Ancestral Dragon Spire.