Defiance 2050 – Closed Beta dates revealed for open world sci-fi shooter

[Beta signup] Trion Worlds, developer of of RIFT and publisher of ArcheAge, today announced the Closed Beta schedule for its latest project, the open world sci-fi shooter Defiance 2050. Closed Beta will run during the weekend of 20 April to 22 April (US time) on PlayStation 4 (only in North America), Xbox One, and Windows PC. Level cap is set at level 25, with the areas of Mount Tam and Madera available in this Closed Beta build.

Closed Beta will also offer up exciting story-based missions as well as give players a taste of the large-scale epic battles that they can expect when Defiance 2050 launches later this summer. More than just a simple graphical remaster, Defiance 2050 is a major update to Defiance’s systems, which have been streamlined and modernized. Maps are bigger, enemies are even more ruthless, and weaponry is more adaptable to the player’s style.