Defiance 2050 – Online sci-fi shooter launches on multiple platforms

[Play free now] Trion Worlds today announced the launch of its new online sci-fi shooter, Defiance 2050, which is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. The updated game enhances the overall experience with updated visuals and gameplay enhancements, as well as all-new class and upgrade systems. The original Defiance revolutionized the sci-fi open-world shooter, seamlessly blending third-person gunplay, fast-paced action, dynamic world events, and cooperative gameplay, which is exceeded here.

In the Defiance universe, players will become Ark Hunters, mercenaries battling their way across the post-apocalyptic landscapes of a ruined earth, using alien tech and advanced weaponry to carve out their fortune while uniting with other alien races to take on common threats. The definitive Defiance experience, Defiance 2050 is focused on bringing the game into the current generation. Players can find out more about the improvements right here.

In addition to taking advantage of modern hardware to improve the original game’s visuals, Defiance 2050 also makes major updates to Defiance’s gameplay systems, streamlining and modernizing them for today’s shooter audience. While Defiance 2050 is free to play and download, players will be able to purchase launch packs for the game that will unlock additional classes and upgrades, as well as provide in-game currency. Download now!