Trion Worlds – Layoffs begin at ArcheAge publisher after being sold

According to multiple reports, Trion Worlds is rumored to be now under the new ownership of European games publisher Gamigo. While the sale is confirmed, there has yet to be any official press release identifying Gamigo as the new owner other than employees from Trion Worlds who are being laid off. Trion Worlds, developer of games such as Rift and Defiance and the publisher of ArcheAge, haven seen several layoffs throughout the past few years.

Gamigo previously bought Aeria Games as well, which obviously disappeared from the radar after the purchase with no new product of significance. It remains to be seen why buying yet another games company is a key focal point for Gamigo right now. There was no mention of how many employees from Trion Worlds were made redundant, but I expect the major gaming news websites to be talking to former staff right now. Stay tuned for more!