Bless Online – Worldwide Free-to-Play official launch goes live on Steam

[Play free now] Bless Online, the fantasy MMORPG from Korean developer Neowiz Bless Studio, is now officially launched and Free-to-Play on Steam. To commemorate the launch, all existing Early Access players will be awarded special items and extra in-game bonuses. Additionally, three brand new Warlord Packs are available for purchase (more details below), which grant unique costumes, weapon skins, pet skins, mount skins, and more.

The Warlord Packs come in three different varieties: the Novice, Warlord, and Legendary Warlord. Starting as low as $19.99 for the Novice, each pack comes filled to the brim with premium membership bonuses and unique cosmetics items to celebrate the official global Free-to-Play launch of Bless Online. All players and supporters who purchased the Early Access version of Bless Online earlier will receive unique rewards for their patronage.

Those who own the Collector’s Edition will receive a lifetime premium membership subscription, and all editions receive at least three months of premium membership, along with exclusive skins that can only be obtained as an owner of the Early Access. For more information on what players can expect from Founder’s Rewards, as well as exclusive Welcome Back rewards (including a special flying mount!), visit the launch announcement.

In addition to the official launch today, details on Bless Online’s first major content update, in which the level cap is being raised to 50, new gear and new raids are being added, will be coming very shortly. Stay tuned for more updates on Bless Online, and download now!