Power Rangers RPG – Nexon signs global contract for new Power Rangers mobile game

Many years ago, there was a PC online action side-scroll known as Power Rangers Online. Although the game did not succeed, Korean developer Move Games and Daewon Media did not give up and today signed a global publishing contract with Nexon for Power Rangers RPG, a mobile game. Power Rangers RPG (tentative name) will utilize the popular Japanese Power Rangers IP and feature various rangers, mecha summons, earth defense missions and more. If you can’t wait until late 2018, you can try out Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

Just to add on, Move Games currently has a Power Rangers mobile game available, which is titled Power Rangers Dash. It is not a new game, but this casual title features over 50 rangers and zords! Note: Power Rangers Dash is only available to selected regions. Move Games also developed PC titles such as Digimon Masters and the old-school Digimon RPG, and Stay tuned for more information on Power Rangers RPG when made available!

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