Brave Frontier 2 – Japan launch date for mobile RPG sequel announced

First teased by publisher gumi back last September, Japanese developer Alim yesterday revealed that Brave Frontier 2 will begin official service in Japan on 22 February. Oddly, gumi is no where to be seen during the presentation. Alim also announced a PC version of Brave Frontier 2, and will partner with DMM Game to operate the game later this summer. To add on, the story of Brave Frontier 2 takes place 20 years after the first. We truly thought that this is just an expansion, but Brave Frontier 2 is a separate game afterall.

Other than having both male and female avatars, the main feature is perhaps known as “Xross Brave Burst”, where matching heroes (up to 3 shown in presentation) are able to launch a combination attack. At launch, Brave Frontier 2 will have a collaboration campaign with Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, the 2013 Super Sentai series. The key shout during transformation and summoning is “Brave In!”, hence that is the reason Alim chose to work with an “old” team. And we are really surprised all 6 original actors are back for this gig!

Alim was also proud to announce that Brave Frontier (the original) was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most playable pixel art characters in a mobile game,” certified on 29 January 2018. What an honor! Back to gumi missing the announcement party, we are guessing both parties might have since parted ways, or gumi will handle all regions outside of Japan. Still, it doesn’t make sense for such a major business partner to be absent. No overseas launch was announced by Alim, so stay tuned for more updates!