ChronoBlade – Mobile action RPG set to launch globally this March

[Pre-register now] Hot off the success of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, developer nWay has restarted the pre-registration sign-ups for its side-scrolling action game, ChronoBlade. Originally a Facebook web game, it was converted into a mobile game after a partnership with Korean giant Netmarble. ChronoBlade eventually did not find huge success under Netmarble, but nWay is determined to make it happen on the global stage this March.

ChronoBlade continues nWay’s legacy of cultivating high-end multiplayer mobile games by incorporating synchronous Player vs. Player (PvP) battles across major platforms, cellular and wifi networks. Players can take advantage of the game’s four completely unique characters, each with its own deep move lists, by engaging with a vastly customizable equipment system that makes each PvP battle an intense and unpredictable event.