Swordsman X – Epic wuxia survival MMO set to launch in China this year

We first teased Swordsman X on our Facebook page, and today we are here to introduce more about the game. Swordsman X was first announced back in mid-2017, and it is developed by China-based Dream Game Studio using investment from another company, Cube Game. Granted, these are not familiar names even within China. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Swordsman X is perhaps the first PC battle royale survival online game based on Chinese wuxia settings. Age of Wushu does have a battle royale mode, but not a full game.

Swordsman X just ended its first limited beta, and the game is pretty much still in the midst of development phase. With a focus on survival, typing functions in the game are minimized to encourage players to communicate using speakers instead. Dream Game Studio confirmed Swordsman X will be a Buy-to-Play title, with no subscription or in-game cash shop. This is also the first chapter of a proposed trilogy. Stay tuned for more updates!


    • did you drop your glasses somewhere or you just don’t know what you’re talking about lol
      wuxia games are different genre, you should check them out they are huge in chinese market.

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