Dark Avenger 3 – Mobile action RPG gets new title for upcoming global launch

Compared with its rivals such as Netmarble, Nexon had a rather due financial presentation yesterday with regards to new and upcoming games. While the imminent global launch for Overhit was once again confirmed, it was also revealed that the high-graphics mobile action RPG known as Dark Avengers 3 will be released worldwide under the new title, Darkness Rises, and preparations are ongoing. The name change is probably due to the prequel, Dark Avengers 2, being published by rival Gamevil in the global market previously.

On to the financial stuff, as 2017 proved to be a bountiful year compared to 2016 in terms of revenues and profits. China contributed 43% of the revenue in Q4 2017, powered by the popularity of Dungeons & Fighters under Tencent Games. While MapleStory 2 is still a main project, it is dwarfed by Dungeon & Fighters, which Nexon isn’t too worried about. South Korea contributed 40%, which is thanks to 3 new mobile games, Alliance X Empire (AXE), Overhit, and Dark Avengers 3. Stay tuned for more upcoming news on Nexon’s games!

Note: Nexon does not usually specify which regions the games are going to be launched in