Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Mobile fighter launches worldwide

Developer nWay, alongside Lionsgate (movie company) and Saban Brands (creator of Power Rangers franchise), today released the highly anticipated, real-time multiplayer fighting game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars on iOS and Android devices. With detailed models and animations, the fast-paced mobile fighting game allows players to battle against others in real time over LTE or a Wi-Fi network.

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As the first video game to feature Power Rangers from Lionsgate’s highly anticipated movie, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is also the first video game to feature iconic Rangers and villains from Power Rangers’ 24-year history fighting alongside one another. In the game, the evil space witch Rita Repulsa corrupts the Morphin Grid from within, hoping to destroy the legacy of the Power Rangers forever.

Players must take on Rita and the virtual Ranger clones and monsters she’s created by teaming up with Zordon and using Zeo Shards to gain power. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars features more than 40 characters, 500 different team compositions and 100 unique moves at launch. Each Ranger and villain has distinct animations and attacks. Features in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars include:

1. Real-time online head-to-head battles;

2. Console-quality graphics and gameplay;

3. Iconic warriors from the new Power Rangers movie as well as classic Power Rangers and villains from the series;

4. Customizable teams;

5. Upgradeable warriors;

6. Alliance system to chat, trade resources and share tactics with friends and other players online.