Neowiz – Korean developer and publisher re-brands corporate name

Neowiz Games, celebrating its 10th anniversary, announced a change to its corporate name. Henceforth, Neowiz Games, Neowiz Internet, and Neowiz Investment are known as Neowiz. Once a Korean gaming powerhouse, Neowiz has fallen far behind its domestic rivals in recent years. The CEO of Neowiz vowed to “restore the pioneering spirit of Neowiz” and turn the company around.

All products going forward will be released under the unified Neowiz brand. The core aim this year is for the struggling firm to return to its roots as a game developer, making use of existing IP (Bless, Icarus, Alliance of Valiant Arms etc) to expand its portfolio, and also to seek out new revenue sources. With Nexon, Netmarble, and even Webzen making waves globally, Neowiz has lots to catch up on.