Time Pact – X-Legend begins 2018 by announcing new harem mobile RPG

X-Legend Entertainment, the game developer from Taiwan, is known for its PC online titles such as Aura Kingdom, Grand Fantasia, and Twin Saga. However, despite its hardest efforts, the developer’s various mobile games have yet to land in the English market, and they aren’t setting the Asia markets on fire as well. 2018 is a new beginning, however, and X-Legend recently revealed its latest mobile effort, Time Pact. The premise is kind of cliche, with players travelling to alternate dimensions and fighting alongside female characters.

From the first press release, it really does seem there will only be female characters to add into players’ team, which does fit the Japanese market where X-Legend had seen the most success for its mobile games. As a mobile RPG, Time Pact will also include features such as co-op gameplay and boss raids. More details on Time Pact will be posted when available!