NCsoft – Former Blade & Soul producer under investigation for insider trading

The former head honcho of Blade & Soul, Bae Jae Hyun, is currently under investigation by the Financial Services Commission, South Korea’s top financial regulator, under suspicion of insider trading. This illegal action reportedly took place last year, when Bae Jae Hyun was holding the position of Vice President in NCsoft. He sold 8,000 of his NCsoft shares worth around USD 3 million before the company’s stock plunged by 11.41% in late June 2017.

The big drop in stock price was due to NCsoft announcing there will be no cash auction house in its then-launching mobile MMORPG, Lineage M. NCsoft claims Bae sold his stock to “raise money needed to exercise some of his stock options.” A maximum of 10 years of jail time and 5 times the corruption amount as fine awaits Bae Jae Hyun if he is found guilty.


  1. NCSoft has been involved in corrupt activity for ages, this is nothing new
    Glad they’re starting to ratify these motherfuckers!

  2. “What is going on with the corruption in NCSoft!?”
    “Glad they’re starting to ratify these motherfuckers!”

    Guilty until proven innocent is the way of things huh? Hard to find anyone that’s under investigation for something without everyone in the comments on the internet all ready to throw people in prison over allegations.

    Now maybe the courts conclude he really is guilty, and that’s fine. But the point is it’s disturbing to see so many people making quick judgements over reports that could be false in the least, and deliberate lies at their worst.

    • Bruh ignore the trolls, most of people on internet are kids who has no idea what the hell is going on but they still get into things and judge who’s good and who’s bad like if they are gods or angels who never mistake lmao


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