Monster Hunter: World – New trailer reveals Elder Dragons and Deviljho content update

[Game website] During a live stream in Japan today, Capcom announced new details and a trailer for the upcoming launch of Monster Hunter: World which is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26, 2018. This new trailer introduces several new and returning favorite Elder Dragons. In an earlier stream, Capcom also confirmed that the optimized PC version of Monster Hunter: Worldwill arrive this Autumn (around September to December). Do note that there is no cross-platform function between the PC and console versions.

Capcom also confirmed plans for post-launch support of Monster Hunter: World with regular content updates, as well as major title updates for free. The first major title update will be coming in Spring 2018 which includes the addition of the fan-favorite monster Deviljho. Players will be able to put their hunting skills to the test against this brute. The Deviljho must feed constantly and will devour anything in its way, even feeding on the largest of monsters with its massive jowls. Only the bravest hunters can take on this beast!