Langrisser – Classic Japanese SRPG revives in China as a mobile game

After a PC MMORPG revival which did not happen several years back, the classic SRPG Langrisser is getting yet another chance by having a mobile version announced for the China market! Touted as the 6th entry in the Langrisser series, this mobile SRPG is published by ZlongGame, although the developer responsible is currently unknown. A bevy of features found in the previous games are also implemented here. The first Limited Beta test will start in China on 17 January. As usual, there are no plans for an overseas version.

1. Recognition of positional advantages based on terrains (rivers, forests, mountains, etc)
2. Each hero has various classes to specialize in
3. Over 300 stages, including over 10 different ways to achieve victory
4. Over 1 million Chinese text used for the game’s epic story
5. Live 2D technology to make heroes stand out
6. Classic heroes and characters from previous Langrisser games return
7. Different army units, such as Monk, Imperial Soldier, Berserker, and more are included
8. Heroes are all fully-voiced by popular Japanese seiyuus