Kaiser – New mobile MMORPG under Nexon enters Closed Beta in South Korea

With Netmarble conquering the global mobile games charts with titles such as Lineage II: Revolution, Lineage M, and the upcoming TERA M, Nexon has to do much to catch up. Its latest mobile game, Kaiser, is a MMORPG which entered Closed Beta recently in South Korea. Developed by Pathfinder8, which apparently has staff from the Lineage II team, Kaiser boasts massive areas to explore atop flying mounts and massive 50 vs 50 PVP wars.

We decided to give Kaiser a quick try, and as usual practice, recorded around 40 to 60 minutes of gameplay. Kaiser is perhaps the most boring mobile game we have ever tried, as the old-school PC MMORPG mechanics of mindless grinding and traveling is ported here. Other mobile MMORPG titles do have a similar setup, but they are just more fun. We experienced nothing of the core features in 40 minutes of the game! Good try, Nexon, but you are just going to lag further behind Netmarble in 2018, and perhaps even NCsoft soon.