Neverwinter – Explore the Lost City of Omu in upcoming game expansion

[Play free now] Earlier today, Perfect World Entertainment and developer Cryptic Studios announced Lost City of Omu, the latest expansion for its Free-to-Play MMORPG, Neverwinter. Arriving on PC this 27 February, Lost City of Omu is set in the Forgotten Realms’Tomb of Annihilation storyline, where adventurers must face off against the wicked lich, Acererak. This free expansion features new adventure zones, a new endgame trial, an expanded Tomb of Annihilation campaign, gameplay adjustments and much more.

Lost City of Omu is a mysterious new zone filled with crumbling temple ruins and a labyrinth of underground tunnels with new monsters to hunt, treasures to uncover, and repeatable adventures to farm. Heroic Encounters feature the dreaded Tyrant, an undead T-Rex with unique and devastating attacks. Continuing the campaign against the evil lich, adventurers will delve into a lair infested with yuan-ti, where they must beat the odds and unearth secrets of the Trickster Gods to overcome Acererak and the death curse.