Kritika Online – Chosen Path update brings forth the new Monk class

[Play free now] En Masse Entertainment today announced Chosen Path, a new update arriving later this month for its action MMORPG, Kritika Online. Chosen Path will see the debut of the game’s 6th playable character, the Monk, who uses powerful kicks and punches to destroy his enemies. During his martial art training, the Monk was struck by a corrupted creature, leaving him scarred and imbued with dark magic of alien origins. He can advance to become either the Dark Lord (dark theme) or Galaxy Lord (light theme).

The Chosen Path update will also include the pet renewal and new pet features, and new PvP options including 2v2 death matches and a new PvP map. Following a test period on the game’s Public Test Server that allows players to preview new content, the changes will bring the standard Western version to the game closer to the Asian feature set, which is an important initiative by En Masse for its dedicated community. Stay tuned for more updates!