Honkai Impact 3rd – Sakura Samsara update arrives with new Valkyries and game content

You have probably seen the many advertisements on Honkai Impact 3rd over the past few months, and the action-packed mobile RPG has recently gotten a new update, Sakura Samsara! A new warrior by the name of Yae Sakura has arrived, and players now have the chance to enter her memories and explore her origin which will unveil a new world with no boundaries. New and stronger weapons, as well as stigmata, are also added in the update!

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Other than Yae Sakura, players will also meet the brand new duo of Gyakushinn Miko (A-Rank Valkyrie) and Goushinnso Memento (S-Rank Valkyrie). The former is a creature-type melee Valkyrie that tracks and eliminates enemies with her marking abilities, while the latter is a Mecha-type melee Valkyrie that manipulates Kinetic Energy to perform middle ranged AOE attacks, mostly dealing ice damage. Enemies with low ice resist, watch out!


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