Outer Stories of Wulin Mobile – Classic MMORPG from Perfect World heads to mobile

About 10 years ago, publisher Cubinet launched an unknown online MMOPRG known as Q-World (also known as Wulin 2) in Southeast Asia. The MMORPG was actually developed by Perfect World based on a popular Chinese comedy drama series, 武林外传. From what we remembered, the game had a very big fanbase in both Singapore and Malaysia, and can be considered one of the regional classics. After a long wait, Perfect World is finally bringing the game to the mobile platform, with a limited Closed Beta phase started just yesterday.

As there is no official English name for 武林外传, it literally translates to Outer Stories of Wulin. The PC MMORPG never landed outside of Asia according to records, hence Western players might not be familiar with it. The game could also be seen as the predecessor to Ether Saga, one of the first English titles which Perfect World launched in the West. This new mobile version will retain key features such as its colorful world, pets, costumes, iconic classes, and landmarks found in the PC version. We hope to try out the game really soon!