MapleStory – New playable character arriving with winter update

Nexon Korea recently released a new teaser video for Ark, the name of the upcoming winter update and also the name of the new class, Ark. According to fansite Orange Mushroom, Ark is a member of Grandis’ High Lef race and of the Pirate class. He can freely switch between two states: the Lef mode where he combines magic and classic High Lef fighting techniques and the Creeping Spectre mode where he gains immense power from the abyss. Ark is now playable in the Korean test server, and will launch on 4 January 2018.

Before Ark arrives, the first part of the winter update is known as V Care, which lands on the official server on 21 December 2017. This update adds improvements to the game, and is mainly to prepare for Ark’s arrival. It also introduces several new gameplay systems such as Arcane Catalyst, and new content including Dimensional Library – Episode 5: Shadow Alchemist. Finally, Esfera arrives 25 January 2018, which is the 6th area of Arcane River.