Tencent – Tech titan earned over 50% of China’s gaming revenue in Q3 2017

According to a research done by iResearch Global, the revenue of China’s online gaming market reached 63.54 billion Yuan (around USD 9.6 billion) in Q3 2017 (July to September), rising 6.8% compared with the previous quarter and surging 41.7% from last year. Incredibly, Tencent managed to grab 51.6% of the total revenue during this period, which amounts to around an incredible USD 5 billion. Games such as Dungeon & Fighter (PC), CrossFire (PC), and Honor of Kings (Mobile) continues to drive Tencent’s growth.

iResearch Global also pointed out how mobile gaming is dominating, obtaining 65.7% of the market share compared to PC. Despite the difference, there is still much revenue to be earned for PC games, which are far from being obsolete in China. Tencent’s nearest competitor, NetEase, which is the official distributor or Blizzard titles in China, only nabbed 13.5% of the gaming revenue in Q3 2017. Will the China launch of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and its 2 mobile games pull Tencent even further ahead of the pack?


  1. Hello, I’m from Brazil, I want to ask you a question about the game, King of glory, if there’s a date to come to our country, thanks for the attention.


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