Ascent: Infinite Realm – Take a closer look at the game’s airships and weapons

[Game website] After a successful show at G-Star 2017, Ascent: Infinite Realm developer Bluehole has released in-depth information about airships, the main transportation system in the game, and the weapons they hold. In A:IR, the airships are the main means of transportation and players increase power by utilizing their airships and fighting against opponents. A:IR also entered the first Closed Beta phase in South Korea earlier this week.

After their home on Harth was destroyed, the inhabitants had nowhere to turn, and so took to the sky. Players need the airships in order to move and explore the new floating lands supporting the survival and reconstruction of the faction. As players progress, the terrain and altitude become higher and tougher, and threats from many enemies become more intense.

The airships contain powerful weapons to help deal with the sudden appearance of monsters and enemy threats. Mounts, pioneering equipment, and weapons must be enhanced in order to sustain expansion and protection. The constantly evolving airships and weapons are the core survival strategy of A:IR. When getting the role and functions of all the available airships and equipment, and actively utilizing them, A:IR will provide a more complete experience.

Nous Training Airship

The Training Nous Airship is a beginner airship, which can only be used by the Nous. It’s obtained through quests, suitable for a single player and it has a low flight altitude.

Ontari Training Airship

The Ontari Training Ship is much the same as the Nous airship, except it can be crafted. The intermediate version can be equipped with a turret and rudder upgrade, allowing faster movement and turning speed, as well as a slightly higher altitude. The Master Ship adds wing appearance slots and comes in vastly different colors than the Intermediate or Training versions.

Vulpin Airship

The Vulpin Airships function in the same manner as the Ontari, however, they differ greatly in appearance. Where Ontari Airships have wings on the side and bottom of the vessel, Vulpin airships are characterized by the rear wings and different color variations.

Single Vulpin/ Ontari Assault Airship

The Single Assault Airship is a personal airship, only available on the battlefield. It can be manned by up to two players; one piloting and the other operating the weaponry. There is no limit on its altitude. However, its fundamental performance is equivalent to the Intermediate Airships, though it can achieve rapid movement in straight lines.

Multi-passenger Vulpin/ Ontari Assault Airship

The Multi-passenger Assault Airships are only available on the battlefield and can accommodate up to five players. This airship is large in size, with powerful attacks and high defense. However, it is slow moving and does not turn quickly. Not only does this make it vulnerable to attack, but its strategic importance to battle also makes it a prime target for assault. To counteract this, players must guard the driver, and engage enemies on the deck of the airship.

Wind Sprinter

The Wind Sprinter is a non-combat racing ship, much like a yacht. With rapid movement speed and a high flying altitude. The ship is acquired at end game and can be used during World Quests.

Black Ship/ Merchant Ship

The Black Ship is a special merchant ship, which can only be used in specific instanced dungeons. Little more is known about this vessel currently, Its full origins are veiled in shadows. The Merchant Airship is a non-combat vessel, intended to help players explore the world and trade any specialties they might come across.

Large-scale Ship

The Large-Scale Ship is a massive airship, capable of carrying 75 players, which acts as a transfer vessel to carry attacking players into the battlefield at Dragon Valley. The ship contains a large number of flying mounts and cannons, causing it to be quite intimidating to enemies who approach.

Jet pack

Jet Packs are a more personal form of transportation, allowing a player to move across the battlefield rapidly. However, it requires stamina and cannot be used indefinitely.


On the Battlefield of Dragon Valley, you can catch your first sight of ground-based weaponry, as mighty Mechs engage the enemy. In front, Flame Mechs spray jets of fire, while Assault Mechs bombard the foe from the rear. These machines, known as Vulcans, can be used for exploration and assault in hazardous regions, such as the Ship’s Graveyard, with attacks such as Machine-gun Fire and Flame Blasts. The use of enhancements can also increase the power of these attacks, helping to guarantee your safety in the most unforgiving of areas.

Boardable Machine Gun

A Boardable Machine Gun can be mounted on airships and may only be used by allies, in order to barrage enemies with a hail of bullets. This type of weapon relies on speed over bulk damage, firing continuously to shower enemies in a hail of bullets.

Automatic Machine Gun

The Automatic Machine Gun operates similarly to the Boardable version, by releasing multiple bullets in large bursts. However, it automatically fires on a target set by the Ship’s pilot.

Boardable Cannon

A Boardable Cannon can be mounted on airships and may only be used by allies. This weapon launches a large projectile at enemy forces. This type of weapon utilizes large, high damage attacks, which of course will deal higher damage per hit than its counterpart, the Machine Gun, which has superior firing velocity.


A turret is an automatic gun that can be mounted on airships and will use curved projectiles to attack automatically a target designated by the Ship’s Captain.

Boardable Flame Cannon

The Boardable Flame Cannon can be mounted on airships, and may only be used by an ally. This weapon shoots blasts of flame at enemies.