PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield – Tencent Games confirms second mobile game based on PUBG

So, it turns out Tencent Games is making not just one, but two mobile games based on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The first game, which we previously reported, is actually titled “绝地求生: 全军出击”, which roughly translates to “PUBG: Army Assault”. The second game, which you can see in the trailer below, is titled “绝地求生: 刺激战场”, which roughly translated to “PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield”. So what are the differences between these 2 mobile games based on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? Let’s take a quick look below!

绝地求生: 全军出击 or PUBG: Army Assault (previously reported here)

The game is developed by Timi Studio Group, a group of 6 studios (or teams) under Tencent Games. Timi Studio Group was formed in 2014 by merging 3 independent studios under Tencent Games. Notable titles to come from Timi Studio Group include China’s top mobile MOBA, Honor of Kings (王者荣耀), otherwise known as Arena of Valor. In all, it has developed around 15 mobile games and 6 PC online games. PUBG: Army Assault is said to be co-created with original developer Bluehole using Unreal Engine 4, hence the “original”.

绝地求生: 刺激战场 or PUBG: Thrilling Battlefield

This is developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Group under Tencent Games. The employees of Quantum Studios were actually absorbed into Lightspeed Studios back in 2014, hence the combined nature of the developer name. Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Group have developed around 6 PC online games, 10 web browser games, and 6 mobile games. Most are casual and colorful titles which are the backbone of Tencent Games.

Officially, representatives from Tencent Games decline to say how this game is different from PUBG: Army Assault, only acknowledging that both games are still in development and it is not an appropriate time to discuss about this matter. However, it was mentioned that one of the PUB mobile games will be “original”, while the other “official”. I know, it is getting confusing, but Tencent Games promised both titles will be “high quality” products crafted using Unreal Engine 4. Seems like Tencent is getting into a frenzy over PUBG!