H1Z1 – Tencent Games teases potential China server of survival MMO

As most of you would have already know, Tencent is the largest and richest games company in China, the world’s biggest gaming market. Apparently, obtaining the domestic publishing rights for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and the development license for 2 mobile games based on the IP was not enough in its quest to dominate the battle royale and survival genre. A teaser website recently popped up, and according to the game artwork, many are speculating Tencent Games will announce H1Z1 for Chinese gamers this coming Friday.

Update: H1Z1 for China confirmed by Tencent Games

To add to the rumors and speculation, a new Weibo page (China’s top social media channel) for H1Z1: King of Survival (localized name) popped up recently. It might be a hoax, but the page is officially verified by Weibo, and clearly stated that the company managing it is Tencent Games. The page is currently empty with no posts, but that is most likely to change come Friday. Tencent Games is also developing several internal games of the battle royale and survival genre, and it is definitely not afraid of cannibalizing its own player base.