Pearl Abyss – Studio founder teases 2 upcoming titles in development

In October, Korean gaming website Inven held a long interview with Dae Il Kim, the founder and chairperson of developer Pearl Abyss. You might have heard of a MMORPG known as Black Desert from the studio. During the interview, Dae Il Kim pointed out he is still involved with the development of all games within Pearl Abyss, and also teased 2 upcoming games in the works. It was also stressed that the main focus of Pearl Abyss is still on improving and optimizing Black Desert and the upcoming mobile version. Read on!

Unnamed mobile MMO

Fact, this is not Black Desert Mobile. Dae Il Kim mentioned that this game is developed for the global audience of all ages, and not set in the medieval ages like Black Desert. The core of this mobile MMO is not for players to compete against each other, but to make it “fun” to meet other users.

Unnamed online MOBA shooter

The team thought of what they could do besides MMO(RPG), and it was either a FPS or AOS (the term to describe MOBA in South Korea) game. Dae Il Kim stated that the team determined AOS is actually a compressed form of MMORPG, and he is mixing in elements of FPS in this game. The concept is different from Black Desert, and it is a game type traditionally pursued on consoles.


    • MOBA and shooter market is overcrowded, Amazon and Digital Extremes put their MOBA games on halt after seeing games like Lawbreakers and Battleborn flop. Pearl Abyss must be doing something really innovating in order to think they can stand a chance. I am interested to see what a FPS would look like on the Pearl Engine.

  1. i would personally like to see a sandbox mmo with fps elements. i wonder how well a cyberpunk setting would do with the black desert engine. pearl, daum, and kakow should team up with an iconic title such as paladium rifts or shadowrun and make a sandbox in that kind of enviroment. guns, vehicals, monsters, and magic. it might even work out well with those ‘up and coming VR headset and hand control’ rigs. id really like to take part in a project like that. even if only to ‘get in the game’ (ea sports pun)


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