H1Z1 – Tencent Games reveals new survival game for China market

As speculated a few days ago, Tencent Games today announced the arrival of H1Z1 in the China market. Tencent will provide developer Daybreak Game Company with support, including connection speed optimization, server expansion, and even share technology on how to identify players using illegal 3rd party software. There will be a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to such an issue. More launch details will be shared publicly in the future.

Similar with the upcoming PUBG, content will be slightly modified to appease the Chinese government, which previously denounced such survival games as “going against the morale of the Chinese social culture.” According to the official press release, Tencent will work with Daybreak to “continuously strengthen the educational values” found in H1Z1, but with the rule of “staying true to the game’s design philosophies.” Stay tuned for more updates!



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