MapleStorySEA – SGD 10,000 to be found in amazing in-game treasure hunt

MapleStorySEA is kicking off the festive season with some interesting events which caught our eyes. Firstly, the game is holding a treasure hunt, with SGD 10,000 (or RM 30,000) up for grabs! The hunt, which involves players taking screenshots and posting their answers on Facebook, has been running since 27 Nov, and they are just over day 10 in clues. Currently, the treasure has yet to be found, and clues are still being released daily.

If you are a former MapleStorySEA player and want to join in the treasure hunt, or even a new player trying your luck, head on over to the MapleStorySEA Facebook to find out how to discover the treasure. Reading through the official treasure hunting guide on how the event works and the various terms, it seems as though the treasure is open and can be discovered by any player of any level. Remember, SGD 10,000 (or RM 30,000) is at stake!

The second event, “Me-So-Lucky”, is something players of MapleStory SEA have always wanted: to exchange in-game currency for actual real-life items. It might be known as an auction, but it has an oddity which makes the process more luck-based rather than who has the biggest wallet. First, let us take a look at what items are up for grabs on Day 1:

According to the event website, each item (including a Secret Lab Omega Chair and a Razer Phone) will have a “mystery auction price”, with a “maximum increment”. This means that bidders will have to bid up to the correct price, rather than having the highest price. Price is right, anyone? Cue sigh of relief for people with new accounts or for older players who really know the value of 1 mil mesos back in 2006. More details at the event website!