Phantom Chaser – Build the most formidable yokai team in new fantasy mobile RPG

First released in South Korea and Thailand under the name “Yokai Saga”, Phantom Chaser is now available for download in English, German, French, Taiwanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese on both Google Play and App Store! An enhanced version of the original hit mobile RPG, Phantom Chasers takes players on an epic fantasy adventure with more than 130 Phantoms to collect from both Eastern and Western cultures. Phantom Chaser is also the winner of the “Best Graphics” category in the Unity Korea Awards earlier this year!

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Korean developer FloppyGames was founded back in 2014 with a core team who worked on games such as Dragon Nest and Dungeon Striker under Eyedentity Games. In Phantom Chaser, players must strategically form their teams and make full use of captured Phantoms to possess characters at the right time for maximum effect. Player can also manually control their characters to avoid attacks, much more efficient than automated combat all the way! Global PVP is available as well to showcase your team’s might!



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