World of Final Fantasy Meli Melo – Square Enix reveals new companion growing mobile RPG

Seeing that there isn’t enough mobile games based on the Final Fantasy franchise, Square Enix did all gamers a good will by recently announcing World of Final Fantasy Meli Melo (loose translation) for iOS and Android devices. Developed by Japanese studio Drecom and interestingly, Sony’s ForwardWorks Corporation, pre-registration for World of Final Fantasy Meli Melo is now live in Japan. This mobile game features a totally new story, and does not link to the other game, World of Final Fantasy, although the overall design is almost similar.

There are over 100 classic Final Fantasy monsters and characters for players to obtain while adventuring through the world. The main focus of World of Final Fantasy Meli Melo seems to be more on taking care of and powering up these cute companions (like digital pets), and throw them into the midst of battle (sounds like torture) when ready. When in a pinch, these companions will be able to combine and summon powerful avatars, such as Shiva and Tiamat! There is currently no word on a launch schedule in Japan or overseas.


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