Armored Warfare – Command your mighty tank regiment on Steam today

[Play free now] Developed and published by, team-based tank shooter Armored Warfare is now finally available worldwide on the Steam platform for PC gamers. In Armored Warfare, players take command of modern tanks or armored fighting vehicles and travel to the heart of military hot-spots around the globe, where they will compete with rival teams for domination in various PvP and hybrid battle modes. They can alternatively join forces with friends to carry out the most difficult missions sent down by command cooperatively.

Armored Warfare launches on Steam with the latest updates, including the newest expansion, Art of War. Featuring a new map set in the rural parts of South China, the update introduces new Chinese vehicles, improved graphics and an overhaul to the Commander System, allowing the players to customize their commanders to best suit their gameplay style.

Art of War also includes a new version of the Waterway map, tailored for Armored Warfare’s Global Operations mode, an exciting hybrid of gameplay which fuses the best of its PvE and PvP game modes into a unique and addictive format. Experience exciting mechanized combat and the thrill of commanding your own tank regiment via downloading from Steam today!