Caravan Stories – New trailer introduces game features and more

First revealed back in May, Caravan Stories is an ambitious Windows PC and mobile cross-platform project which is in development over in Japan. Developer Aiming, a well-known game development studio, is aiming to launch Caravan Stories on Apple TV as well. Since the game’s announcement, a couple of private beta tests have been held, along with several developer chats and marketing campaigns for more exposure. While there is still yet a launch date, a new trailer was recently uploaded, showcasing Caravan Stories’ core features.

Just to summarize, Caravan Stories will have 5 playable races at launch: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, and Gessy (animal-like humanoids). The 6th race, Lizardman race will be added post-launch in a storyline update. Players will band together and battle threats from other dimensions, spend time upgrading their caravans (the robot-like house), exploring the huge lands, rearing animals, take part in caravan PVP battles, and many more. Aiming does not have a launch schedule yet, and we have not seen much on the mobile version. Stay tuned!