Nexon – Main sponsor for annual event reveals its games lineup

With just one week to go before the annual G-Star begins in South Korea, Nexon has finally revealed its games lineup for the event at a media conference. Despite being this year’s main sponsor, we must say the lineup is quite underwhelming, with just 6 confirmed games (not including any secret announcements) available at the demo play zone. It just does not fit Nexon’s tagline for G-Star 2017, “Next Level”, compared to last year. And there is no Peria Chronicles, which Nexon explained is still “in development” during the media conference. Some titles will only be showcased to potential partners in the business hall.

1. FIFA Online 4 – In collaboration with Electronic Arts, this game was just announced last week. For non-soccer fans, this is not that huge an announcement.

2. Need For Speed EDGE – We are pretty sure this was in 2015’s G-Star lineup, and it is yet another collaboration with Electronic Arts. We are not really into racing over here.

3. Titanfall Online – Announced last year as well, and yet another project with Electronic Arts, this is a Free-to-Play version of the original Titanfall game. With micro-transactions.

4. BattleriteTeased a couple of weeks ago, Battlerite is an arena-style MOBA with no mobs. Just players. You can pay for the Steam Early Access phase here.

5. Moonlight Blade – Perhaps the only PC game we are interested in, Moonlight Blade is a massive MMORPG based on a Chinese martial arts novel. It is pretty much like the Black Desert of China, just 2 times bigger. Also revealed last year though, so it is nothing new.

6. Overhit – Surprisingly, Overhit is the only mobile game Nexon has announced for G-Star 2017. While Overhit seems and feels like an awesome game, we couldn’t help but wonder if last year’s huge stable of mobile games were just announced much too early while being in development.